Bring Camino home

bring camino home

Walking Camino de Santiago offers you time and space to engage, listen and connect. A unique and rare experience where a walking adventure has you meeting with people from every corner of the world. People you would generally walk past in your busy day. The trick is how to bring Camino home.

You glimpse the simplicity and connection of life.

The question “What brought you to Camino” opens you, and you find yourself sharing stories about life rather than “who” you are or what you “do”. Stripped back of worldly masks and labels, you are another pilgrim, a part of the Camino Family. Your daily task, move from one location to another.

Returning home from Camino you find your energy has shifted, yet the world around you is the same. It is common to feel unsettled as you muddle your way back into your everyday way of living. However, It is possible, and essential for you to bring Camino home.

Create new habits and routines

Allow time to connect with your community, family, work colleagues, and everyone and anyone who passes your way!

Walk to the shops instead of driving and talk to strangers on your way. Catch a bus, tram, train or plane make eye contact, and engage in conversation with the people you are near. Get to know your work colleagues, and ask them something personal. Living with intention deepens and enriches your experience of life experience, supporting you to see and hear what comes to you.

Bring Camino home by Connecting with the earth… Get out and about in the sunshine… walk in the rain… watch a sunrise or sunset… lay under a tree in the grass… make time to smell a rose growing in the sun or watch a butterfly dancing in the air… Allow yourself time to be real, authentic, and open… then see what surprises life has in store for you!

Buen Camino!
Bom Caminho!
Bon Chemin!