Bio: Jennifer Ann Lyons

I am a qualified Transpersonal art therapist and founder of Crossroads Travel.

An entrepreneur

Looking across the landscape of my business life it is clear how seemingly different studies and business ventures have culminated into a package of expertise. A culmination perfectly aligned with the needs of my Crossroads Travel clients.

Being an avid traveller in my personal and professional life, I have coordinated and facilitated many group travel expeditions over the years. Adventurous travel however began after the end of my 27-year-long marriage. Releasing myself of everything I owned, I went out into the world on a nomadic solo travel adventure. Then returning home years later with plenty of stories to tell.

When I thought it was time to “settle down” a series of synchronistic events led me to walk Camino de Santiago, the “French Way”. An 800-kilometre Pilgrimage across Spain.

A life-changing adventure.

After this, I relocated to Spain and created Crossroads Travel. Along with my team, we have been supporting others to walk Camino de Santiago ever since.

“The woman who unpacked after walking Camino de Santiago is not the same woman that packed”. – Jennifer Lyons