Alto del Perdon “Hill of Forgiveness”

alto del perdon "Hill of Forgiveness"

About 10 km from Pamplona you will find Alto del Perdón “Hill of Forgiveness” in English, located in the Sierra del Perdón, a mountain range in the province of Navarra. The area is named after a chapel that used to stand there dedicated to Our Lady of Forgiveness. It is also the highest point of the French Way, at 770 meters above sea level. From there, you can enjoy a stunning view of the surrounding countryside.

It is here the monument to pilgrims consisting of metal silhouettes of different types of pilgrims throughout history. The monument has an inscription that reads:

“Donde se cruza el camino del viento con el de las estrellas”

Which translates to…

“Where the path of the wind crosses with that of the stars”.

Alto del Perdón is a place of spiritual significance for many pilgrims, also a challenge since it involves a steep climb and descent. It is the setting of a legend that tells how the devil tempted a thirsty pilgrim with water in exchange for his soul, but the pilgrim refused and was later rewarded by Saint James himself.

Buen Camino!